When do musical influences metamorphose into a person’s own style? When does part-time life become a full-time commitment? When does a lifetime of musical experience bubble over into performance as rich as its sources? Ask Jimmy C. – he’s living proof that a man’s whole music is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Jimmy C’s eclectic, stick-wise drumming style results from years of layering. Jazz-fusion, dixie-cowboy, Philly doo-wop, Jersey shore sweat-bang; flavors of musical moments from 42 years of rock and roll history jump off the skins when Jimmy C. slams into gear.. Read More.

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The Jimmy C Radio Show

The Jimmy C Show airs on Mana’o Hana Hou radio station on Tuesdays at 10am-2pm.
And you can listen to it, on the web, at http://manaoradio.com/.

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