Solo Albums:

Although playing mostly live over the years, Jimmy C has found time to step away from the stage and head into the studio to lay down tracks with some close friends and fellow musicians.

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Bands Past & Present:

Jimmy has played in many bands, including The Tensions, The Effects, Whales Tooth, The Usual Suspects, Village Musicians and more. To view more information on the bands or view pictures, click below.

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And More:

In addition to his solo albums, Jimmy C is also featured on drums on a number of recordings by some of Maui’s finest musicians. His distinctive and versatile style can be heard on the following albums:

Haiku Hillbillys – “Zen Bumpkins”

Out of Maui’s rainforest comes the Haiku Hillbilly’s, featuring on this live c.d. some traditional bluegrass, Grateful Dead classics and tunes any red blooded, true blue, hillbilly would never touch with a ten foot pole, plus some fine original music from band leader Randall Rospond.

The Feromones – “Timeless Dance”

“John Scoggins and Tim Bruns were performing at a party I was attending one night. They came in set up a small keyboard casio something, Tim whips out an acoustic guitar and they proceed to perform these tunes they wrote, John on the lyrics and Tim the music. I was really impressed with the tunes they were playing.”
“They had a great place to practice at the Lahaina Civic Center which is a small amphitheater in a beautiful location of Lahaina only an hour and a half away from where I live, none the less I drove for a year once a week to learn their music, do the CD, and we played a half dozen gigs on Lahaina side. It was a great time.” – Jimmy C

Benoit Jazz Works – “Watch What Happens”

The Benoits’ first studio project “Watch What Happens” was recorded in 2001 at Emerald City Studios in Paia, Maui. Phil collaborated with accomplished bass player and producer Marcus Johnson. Together they compiled a sweet collection of some favorite jazz standards and bossas. Featuring Angela Benoit, they added some of Maui’s best musicians to make it a hip and successful jazz record. Brother David Benoit joins the band on a couple of cuts including his hit composition “Some Other Sunset”.

Stephanie Rebecca Anderson – “Wild Rose”

Stephanie Rebecca Anderson’s “Wild Rose” album is a fine mixture of Hawaiian Paniolo, country and classic rock. Jimmy C lays down the beat on a selection of great tunes.