Sunday Afternoon Jazz Workshop

Under definition #2 of the word “workshop” from the American Heritage Dictionary you’ll find….

A group of people who meet regularly for a seminar in a specialized field: not unlike the jazz workshop we do on Sunday afternoon at the infamous/slightly famous WINERY RECORDING STUDIO located just outside Makawao town on the island of Maui.

A seminar of MUSIC from the great American songbook performed by a myriad of musicians with different levels of accomplishment and prowess on their chosen instrument (and sometimes not their chosen instrument as we sometime tap into a reluctant guitar player due to an absent bass player). None the less, it is a gathering of souls who bring what they can to the jam hidden behind the “ORGANIC TOMATOES” sign on Kaupakalua Rd.

It truly is for the love of the music and everyone’s desire to better themselves by interacting with visiting musician’s from the mainland and around the world and some of Maui’s more sociable talent that the time is set aside to test and practice their sight reading skills on charts they may have never seen before or tunes from another era it is a “workshop” atmosphere that celebrates the joy of music and most times with a very appreciative audience that is as diverse as the players.

MAHALO to Harry!

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