Hall Of Fame


Hopalong Cassidy

This was a magical day in many ways and meeting Hopalong was the cherry on top. The photo was taken at John Wannamaker’s, a MACY’S rival dept. store in Philadelphia. It had a Disney type monorail I got to ride on more than once and meeting a movie star/television cowboy hero in the same day…WOW!!..the performing seed was planted.


Herbie Mann

I took this photo of Herbie Mann during one of my first interviews for my beloved jazz show, it took place in the lobby of the then famous Intercontinental Hotel in Wailea. He was not impressed with his thank you gift of champagne which I paid for since my show had a very little budget and he even chided me a bit for lack of station promo stuff, later as the show grew in popularity interviews with Tim Weisberg and others went much smoother.


Tim Weisberg

This cover is from the Hurtwood Edge LP 1972. Tim’s concerts in the islands did not sit well with some musicians, he was a pioneer of using a computer to loop all his parts and the biggest drum machine I’ve ever seen. His on stage equipment which was at least as big as a washer and dryer side by side can now fit in a lap top

Tim W. Night Rider0001


Aloha Joe

Aloha Joe is the internet’s NUMBER ONE Hawaiian music DJ / Producer. Although his forte is island music, he still keeps Jimmy C tunes in the rotation.
During the hey day of the Brady Bunch Joe was their producer / director / choreographer.



David Benoit

Dave is a world class jazz musician and a world class nice person, thanks for the time.


Patt Simmons

What a neighbor!! Pat is one of the most down to earth rock personalities ever and an all around nice person.


Emma Veary

It has been my privilege and honor to have shared a stage with Aunty Emma on numerous occasions but I can never get enough. She is not only grace, beauty and elegance personified she’s an incredible singer who caresses each note to perfection, professional to the max as a performer and true royalty in the Hawaiian or any other music scene. (photo by Jack Grace Photography)