Rendezvous At Eight (2017) - Na Hoku Awards Finalist!

 The origin of the word “rendezvous” is from the 16th century French phrase “rendez-vous,” meaning “present yourselves.” In “Rendezvous at Eight,” Jimmy C presents his romantic self, his inner crooner, for your listening pleasure. It’s a long-awaited meeting you’re sure to enjoy.

Love Wants To Dance (2015) - Na Hoku Awards Finalist!

Love Wants To Dance sets the stage for an evening of romance with songs that go together with soft lights and your favorite beverage and of course that special someone.

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Reunion (2009)

The Effects re-unite for a blast from the past of the songs they used to perform in the 60’s plus some Jimmy C jazzy favorites done in a Frank Sinatra style.

Live “Almost” And Kicking (2016)

The Great American Songbook interpreted by veteran musicians.

Can' Get Enough

Falling In Love

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